Poster – Song of the Humpback Whale (Sheet Music)

Perhaps the finest recording of whale music ever made was captured with an underwater microphone on Valentine's Day of 1992, by Paul Knapp Jr off the coast of Tortola.

This graphic maps the patterns and structure of the song from this recording, using symbols for each sound unit.  Each of the nine symbols was traced from the "average" shape of its respective sound type, found in the sonogram visualization of the recording.

The symbols are plotted against the same vertical axis of pitch frequencies that we find in standard music notation.


Posters are printed on thick, durable, matte paper (archival and acid-free).


Visualization by Mike Deal and David Rothenberg


All proceeds after printing costs donated to Whale Trust Maui, whose vision is to create a world more knowledgeable about whales. They promote, support, and conduct scientific research on whales and the marine environment, and broadly communicate the findings of this work to the public.

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